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Growing up in London, I still managed to develop an interest in wildlife despite having little of it obviously around me. During a trip to South Africa at age ten, my interest transformed into a passion. This eventually led me to study a Biology degree at Bristol University, a course centred around animal behaviour, sociality in the animal kingdom and conservation. 


In 2017 I turned my attention to film and enrolled at The National Film and Television School studying on the 'Directing and Producing Science and Natural History' MA course. While studying I gained insight into, and knowledge of, the entire film-making process as well as developing skills in specific camera techniques such as time-lapse, long-lens and macro filming. Over the course of the two years, I made two noteworthy films: 'Bottomless Banquet' which follows the lives of a troop of Chacma baboons living on a rubbish dump on the outskirts of Caledon, South Africa; and 'Ahimsa: Compassion For All Life' which looks at the unique relationships that exist between Hinduism and the animals it venerates. I have emerged from my studies as a knowledgable, dedicated and passionate film-maker and strive to put my whole heart into every project I am a part of.

Now, working in Bristol, I am applying the skills I've learned, helping create new and exciting programmes. I hope to produce content that will spark a passion for wildlife and will inspire a greater desire to protect the natural world.

A B O U T   R A L P H   W O O L L C O M B E
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